Treegos Cork Bow Ties – Handmade with love

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Treegos Cork Bow Ties – Handmade with love Description

My wife and I were inspired on our last trip to Portugal a few years ago. We saw countless products made of cork and fell in love with its raw and natural beauty. When we went back to the US we wanted to share our passion for cork and create a unique brand, and so, Treegos was born. Cork has many desirable properties: eco-friendly and sustainable (the tree isn’t harmed when the cork is harvested), antimicrobial, water-resistant, pliable yet durable, and simply beautiful. Our artisanal cork bow ties are handcrafted in Portugal. You will notice the unique quality of our cork bow ties by the one-of-a-kind texture: no two are exactly the same! Since our products come from trees, the tree itself is the ultimate designer. We let the beauty of nature shine through in each and every accessory we sell. Stand out from the crowd and make our cork bow-ties a staple in your wardrobe!

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