Swany SX-80M Mens X-Change Glove

Swany SX-80M Mens X-Change Glove Description

Swany’s best-selling all-around ski and boarding glove, designed for both the back country and the corduroy slopes, a lock down gauntlet cuff, super insulation system. SHELL: Swany Soft Shell-6125 and Microfiber plus leather trim, Smooth Grain LeatherShield Palm with reinforced pyramid Duragrip INSULATION: Tri-plex insulation system, Dryfinger II Waterproof/Breathable Insert, Swany Dry lining FEATURES: Uni-pull cuff, quick release strap, Rolled finger construction, utility heat pocket, AquaGuard lock-down zipper, Swany leash WATER REPELLENT FINISHES: All Swany products are manufactured with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finishes. These treatments are designed to make water bead up on the outer surface. Over time these treatments wear o? and water will no longer bead up. Instead, the fabric wets ‘out’. The gloves should still be waterproof due to internal fabric coatings and waterproof membranes, but the breathability will be greatly reduced and the glove will feel colder due to evaporative heat loss. In fact, many consumers may think their gloves are leaking when in fact it is only their own sweat condensing inside the glove because it cannot escape through the cold, wet surface material. To keep the gloves performing at their peak breathability, they should be kept clean and treated periodically with an aftermarket waterproofing. When water no longer beads up on the surface or actually soaks into the material, it is time to re-treat. LININGS:Linings are what you see and feel when you slide your hand into a glove or mitt. Swany only uses lining materials that are ‘dermocompatible’, so they feel comfortable next to the skin. Secondly, all linings should move moisture away from the skin to increase comfort and reduce evaporative heat loss.

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