ScentLok Mens Savanna Ultimate Lightweight Headcover

ScentLok Mens Savanna Ultimate Lightweight Headcover Description

The Savanna Lightweight Headcover is the perfect head gear for early season hunting. The large opening provides maximum visibility, hearing, and comfort to ensure that nothing comes between you and your game. Keeping your head warm and dry while in the wild is important for staying focused on the hunt. The inner wicking layer of the Savanna Lightweight keeps sweat and moisture off your skin, and the polyester fabric reduces your body heat escaping. The advanced Carbon Alloy technology woven into the fibers blocks scents from being detected by animals. Carbon is an excellent adsorber of odor causing ions, and ScentLok uses this knowledge to keep you a step ahead of the game. The polyester fabric and spandex binding is designed to fit comfortably on your face. The hinged design makes it easy to pull down the facemask to make animal calls, rehydrate, or line up the perfect shot. Includes (1) Savanna Ultimate Lightweight Headcover (Mossy Oak Country, One Size). Features advanced carbon scent blocking technology, Polyester interlock inner and outer fabric, built in visor, wicking treatment, and hinged design.

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