Levine Hat Co. Mens Atlantic Gambler Panama Straw Hat

Levine Hat Co. Mens Atlantic Gambler Panama Straw Hat Description

The Levine Atlantic Gambler is a 5 BU 1×1 weave Shantung Panama Straw Gambler with 3-inch deep curl brim. It is a highly fashionable style, such as the hats popularized by Gamblers and Card Sharps everywhere. Several popular blues and rock ‘n’ roll musicians have popularized the gambler hat style as well, including Frontman Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top and other blues musicians. Levine Shantung Panama Hats are DuPont Teflon treated for exceptional durability and resistance to water, oil and stains. Whereas other, non treated hats will eventually crack or decay due to handling and the oils on your fingertips, our shantung straw dress hats will last extra years due to their DuPont Teflon coating and will not crack, even if you regularly handle your handle your hat by the crown. The Levine Atlantic Gambler is trimmed with a basic gentleman’s black grosgrain bow band. The band is sewn close to the hat, and is approximately 1-inch in width for a classic look. This width is ideal in case you want to purchase other hook on hat bands to match other colors in your outfit. The band is sewn on for a finished look and so that it will not fall off, but these other hat bands can be hooked on over your existing hat band if you choose. The Levine Atlantic Gambler features a comfort cotton sweat band on the interior, which wicks away sweat and keeps you cool and dry. After a few wears, this band is self-conforming, meaning that it will begin to form to the shape of your head. The hat is unlined for maximum breathability and comfort; it is ideal for Spring and Summer wear.

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